Coordinated=Right Offer+Right Time+Right Device

We help you reach your consumers in every stage of the customer lifecycle, bringing you net new customers, helping you remind recent abandoners to complete their purchase, and winning back dormant shoppers. Using our Active Shopper Database, which contains behaviors and purchase intent for more than 250 million consumers, MyBuys provides coordinated personalization solutions across channels and devices. By predicting what, when and how to best reach consumers, MyBuys converts consumers in every point of the funnel using Ads, Email and on your Site.

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MyAds takes the risk out of display advertising for Acquisition, Retargeting and the Reactivation of customers. With a pay for performance pricing model, a deep understanding of consumer desires and behaviors, and the ability to reach them at every stage of the shopper lifecycle, MyAds is disrupting the status quo. Gone are the days of “spray and pray.” The days of optimized acquisition are here, with ROI guaranteed.

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MyMail delivers outstanding email marketing programs by tailoring every message sent to each individual recipient. From audience selection, content and timing, every message is personalized and optimized. That’s what makes MyMail so effective.

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MySite personalizes your site from the moment your customers arrive. We know what each individual consumers wants and we put it in front of them, in real time on any page on your website. Increase conversion rate, basket size and AOV by marketing to every shopper as a true segment of 1 and giving them what they want to buy.

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